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Dallas Cowboys Super Bowls

Although the Dallas Cowboys haven’t had a Super Bowl win or appearance since 1996, their fans expect them to be there each and every year. Maybe it is because they have been there eight times throughout their history, tied with only one other team, the Pittsburgh Steelers? Maybe it is because the fans are loyal and have high expectations each season? Whatever the reason, fans expect the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowls to continue to increase.

1996: Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The nineties were a great decade for Dallas Cowboys Super Bowls. Their streak ended in the 1996 season, and they haven’t had an appearance since.

During this Super Bowl, the Cowboys quickly took the lead over the Steelers. Within the first three possessions, they were on top, 13 to 0. Players such as Troy Aikman, Jay Novacek, and Chris Boniol, helped the Cowboys take the lead.

The Steelers came within three points of the Cowboys, but nothing could stop the likes of Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin from helping to bring home the championship. The Cowboys won the game 27 to 17.

1994: Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills

From the start of their second consecutive match up, the Buffalo Bills didn’t stand a chance during one of the most impressive Dallas Cowboys Super Bowls ever. Although the Cowboys were down at halftime 13-6, they were almost flawless during the second half. Leon Lett came out of the locker room ready to play, and stripped the ball from Thurman Thomas, resulting in a touchdown.

This win was the first time they won two championships in consecutive seasons. Emmitt Smith had 132 yards rushing and two impressive touch downs after the half. Other key players included Alvin Harper, Eddie Murray, and Troy Aikman, who contributed to the 30-13 win over the Bills.

1993: Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills

The win over the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVII, was the biggest win out of all the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowls. From Troy Aikman’s four touchdown passes to Emmitt Smith’s rushing of 108 yards, the Cowboys made it look easy.

Players like James Washington, Jay Novacek, and Charles Haley greatly impacted the mega defeat of 52 to 17 over the Bills.

1978: Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos

Super Bowl XII was the most watched Dallas Cowboys Super Bowls. The Cowboys played with more than 100 million viewers watching the game from home and a sellout crowd in the stadium.

At the halfway point, Dallas was leading the way 13-0, thanks to Efren Herrera. Other impact players in the game included Craig Morton, Butch Johnson, Roger Staubach and Jim Turner. Dallas won the game over Denver 27-10.

1972: Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins

In Super Bowl VI, the Cowboys had a record rushing for 252 yards. The team was ready for the win in their second Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl appearance. They held the Dolphins to only 185 yards and no touchdowns.

Players such as Chuck Howley, Duane Thomas and Roger Staubach were key players in their 24-3 win over Miami.

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowls are an impressive number in the NFL. Through their hard work and dedication to the sport, they continue to improve, grow, and strive for their next Super Bowl appearance. The fans are ready.