Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Both Texas Stadium and Cowboys Stadiums, offer state of the art venues for Cowboys fans to cheer on their favorite team. From 1971 until present day, the Dallas Cowboys stadium provides a place for people to come together and enjoy their favorite sports, music, and entertainment.

Texas Stadium

When the first Dallas Cowboys stadium was built, Texas Stadium, it was a vision that came to life by owner Clint Murchinson, Jr. He had plans to make a stadium that included sky boxes and personal seating licenses.

His vision became a reality when Texas Stadium opened in 1971 in Irving, Texas. Originally, Murchinson, approached the city of Dallas to build the stadium, but was denied. Instead they moved locations to Irving, where they remained until the end of the 2008 season.

Texas Stadium Roof

The design of the Dallas Cowboys stadium roof resembled the design of soccer stadiums in Europe. With a retractable roof over the field, the sunshine and open air made the enclosed stadium impressive. Although the roof made the stadium high tech, it caused problems for televising the games.

With the controversy surrounding the roof and the ability to televise games, Dwight Douglas Lewis, also known as D.D. Lewis, developed a phrase that would appeal to fans across the country. His famous quote that passed on from team to team was, “Texas Stadium has a hole in its roof, so God can watch His favorite team play.”

End of Texas Stadium

Texas Stadium closed its doors after the 2008 season completed. When the stadium closed, it was capable of seating 64,576 fans. The famous Dallas Cowboys stadium was demolished in 2010, with many of the features being auctioned off prior to its destruction.

Cowboys Stadium

As of the 2009 the Dallas Cowboys stadium, became known as Cowboys Stadium. Their new home is located in Arlington, Texas, where they have the ability to seat 80,000 fans. This new stadium is also a domed stadium and was built to replicate their old home. Of course they couldn’t build the new stadium without having the “hole”, so the roof on Cowboys Stadium is also retractable. The new Dallas Cowboys stadium is one of the largest NFL stadiums. It is also the largest stadium that is domed, throughout the world.

The Birth of Cowboys Stadium

Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones expressed interest in expanding the old Texas Stadium in 1994. Through negotiations with the city of Irving, they were unable to come up with an agreement for the more than $200 million upgrade. Instead, they began searching for a new location for a new Dallas Cowboys stadium.

Through talks and negotiations with several nearby cities, finally the Cowboys reached an agreement with Arlington in late 2004. Voters in the city agreed to help fund the new stadium, through a tax increase.

Cowboys Stadium Today

Of course the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium comes with its own share of controversy. From the expense to the amount of energy the stadium uses, people will always find a way to justify why the Dallas Cowboys stadium is a waste of energy.

However, what the stadium does bring to the team and the surrounding community is an opportunity to bring their vision into reality. From the hosting of Super Bowls, college bowl games, mega music events, and other impressive forms of entertainment, the stadium is a way to bring people together, enjoying what they love.