Dallas Cowboys Jerseys

It doesn’t matter if they are winning or losing, Dallas Cowboys jerseys are always hot!

Despite not making the playoffs in the 2011 season, the Dallas Cowboys still had two of their players jerseys as best sellers. Both Miles Austin and Tony Romo had their jerseys in the top 10 list for best selling NFL jerseys for the 2011 season.

The team even had two more on the top 20 list of the 2011 season, Jason Witten and Dez Bryant. No other team during the season, even the Super Bowl Champions, the New York Giants, had as many jerseys in the top 20 list!

Why are the Dallas Cowboys jerseys so sought after?

After every season, the arguments begin on whether the Dallas Cowboys are still the most popular team in the NFL. However, regardless of what the numbers might say, there is no denying that they are always on or near the top.

Due to the fact that they are such a popular football team, the Dallas Cowboys jerseys, also become popular.

Sure Tony Romo’s jersey may have fallen in the rankings, but he is still there. The Cowboys may not be the team they once were, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from showing their support, year after year.

Types of Dallas Cowboys jerseys

If you are a Cowboys fan, lucky for you, there is the option to find jerseys in any shape or size. From replica jerseys to pink women’s jerseys, there is something to fit everyone’s taste.

Authentic replica jerseys include the popular throwback jerseys and regular game day jerseys in white or blue. From the famous Dallas Cowboys of the past to the present stars, you can find a jersey that fits your personality and favorite player.

Retirement of Dallas Cowboys jerseys numbers

Most NFL teams retire their jersey numbers of great players, but not the Dallas Cowboys. President and forward thinker, Tex Shcramm, felt that many of the Dallas Cowboys players were heading to stardom. With this thought, he felt that retiring the Dallas Cowboys jerseys numbers wouldn’t have the same effect as other teams.

He decided to create the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor instead. With this honor, not only great players could be honored, but also owners and coaches. These members of the Ring of Honor are represented around the stadium with their name, Dallas Cowboys jerseys number, and years of service to the team.

Apparently, the Dallas Cowboys jerseys number of players does not occur. However, if you look through history, some speculate that some of the greatest numbers have never been used again.

Through the years, fans have shown their support and love for the team. Dallas Cowboys jerseys are a way for fans to connect with the players they are wearing and show the world their love for the player, through good times and bad. Throughout every city in the country, on game day, you will find loyal Dallas Cowboys fans, showing the world who they love, wearing proudly, and their Dallas Cowboys jerseys!