Dallas Cowboys History

The history of the Dallas Cowboys is one of the most comprehensive histories in all of the NFL. Through their inception until today, they have had their share of successes, losses, controversies, and triumphs. From it all, they continue to be one of the most favored and respected teams in the NFL.

The Birth of a Franchise

The Dallas Cowboys history begins with the birth of their franchise in 1960. With hard work and dedication, then owner, Clint Murchinson Jr, brought the Cowboys into the NFL.

Due to the fact that the Dallas Cowboys started the 1960 season late, they were unable to participate in the draft. However, they were able to pick up three players from all of the other NFL teams. Of course the players that the teams provided were not the best players in the league and some were close to retirement. Needless to say, the Dallas Cowboys history included a first season record of 0-11-1.

Rise to the Top

The first five seasons for the Dallas Cowboys were tough. Each season they won as little as five games per season. Not until 1965 did they finish a season at fifty percent, with a 7-7 record.

However, that all changed with the 1966 season, when the Dallas Cowboys history was altered forever. During that season, they began a consecutive winning streak of 20 seasons. This enabled them to reach the playoffs 18 times, win 5 NFC championships and 2 Super Bowls.

The winning seasons, turned the tides on the Dallas Cowboys history. During this time, their fan base grew to an all time high and they became known as America’s Team. They developed legends and Hall of Fame football players, including players like:

• Bob Lily
• Randy White
• Roger Staubach
• Mel Renfro
• Rayfield Wright
• Tony Dorsett
• Bob Hayes

The Bursting of the Bubble

In 1986, the Dallas Cowboys history changed again, when the franchise experienced their first losing season, the first one in 20 years. For the next two years, they continued to have seasons that were losing. The team was then sold to Jerry Jones, who made the decision to fire Tom Landry, the legendary coach for 28 seasons.

The fans of the Dallas Cowboys were not impressed with the decision of the new owner, but after the new coach, Jimmy Johnson, cleaned up and started winning, they began to understand.

Next Run to the Top

Coach Johnson quickly turned the Dallas Cowboys around after the 1989 season. Again the Dallas Cowboys history would be impressive when he took the team to two of the four Super Bowls in the nineties.

Jones and Johnson didn’t always see eye to eye, and the coach was fired after their second Super Bowl appearance. Barry Switzer replaced Johnson and led the team to their last Super Bowl championship win during the Super Bowl XXX. From the 1992 until the 1995 seasons, the Dallas Cowboys won an impressive three out of the four Super Bowls.

Struggles Continue to Plague the Team

Since their last Super Bowl win, the Dallas Cowboys history has seen its fair share of struggles. Since 1998, they only made it to the playoffs a disappointing six times and have gone through many head coaches.

Despite their records, fans continue to flock the stadium on game day to show their pride and love for their team, waiting for the Dallas Cowboys history to change again!