America’s Team

Dallas Cowboys (America’s Team)

Originally nicknamed by the media during the highlight film in 1978, the Dallas Cowboys, also known as America’s Team, stuck. The individual narrating the film, opened with the nickname, and it continues to represent the team today.

History of the Dallas Cowboys as America’s Team

During the opening game of the 1979 season, the announcer for CBS called the Dallas Cowboys by their new nickname, and from that point on, it became part of the team. Fans, announcers, and even team members, used the nickname.

Then coach, Tom Landry, wasn’t thrilled by the new nickname for his team. He felt strongly that the name would push their opponents to play harder. However, as strongly as he felt against the name, he really had no choice. Eventually the name grew on Landry, and he even learned to like it!

Controversy surrounding the nickname of the Dallas Cowboys

The nickname for the Dallas Cowboys did not come without controversy. Even today, teams across the league battle it out to determine who really America’s Team is.

Baseball teams such as the Atlanta Braves and the New York Yankees, and football teams like the Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots have all had fans and sports writers suggest that they should be considered America’s Team.

Even the long time successful NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, had people backing them as America’s team, due to their most winning Super Bowl record. However, owner Art Rooney quickly put a stop to that nickname, stating that they were Pittsburgh’s team.

Leading up to Super Bowl XXVII, the Buffalo Bills, attempted to get inside the heads of the Dallas Cowboys, when their coach, Marv Levy, announced they were the new, America’s Team. The Bills uniforms were red, white, and blue, so he felt they should take the nickname. The Cowboys, didn’t buy it, and ended up laughing their way to a 52-17 victory over the Bills.

With the most recent Super Bowl win by the New York Giants, some people believe that the Giants should now be considered America’s Team, due to the fact that they are in a city that is associated with America, and since Dallas hasn’t been to a Super Bowl in years.

Will the Dallas Cowboys always remain American’s Team?

Regardless of what teams come and go, the fact is, the nickname really can’t be assigned to anyone else. The Dallas Cowboys were once and continue to be America’s Team. Whether the team, fans, or other teams like it, the nickname is here to stay.
The controversy will always surround the nickname of the team. Polls will continue to happen each year to see if there is a new “America’s Team”, but the answer will not change.

Once a nickname is assigned, it is pretty difficult to move it to someone else. It just doesn’t feel right.
The Dallas Cowboys have held the nickname, America’s Team, since the 1970’s; to take it away from them and give it to another team wouldn’t stick.

Whether you love them or hate them, the Dallas Cowboys will always be America’s Team.